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What is and How to Remove It?

What is and How to Remove It?

The website "", which claims website owners can earn huge money from their websites, is a Referrer spam, Log Spam, Referrer Bombing or Spam indexing website and adware that targets and pollutes the analytical data of websites. "" uses robot, a computer program that traverse the web automatically, to promote websites that spammers want people to visit and to essentially boost Google ranking for spam websites in Google search result pages. This is done by making repeated website requests using a fake referrer URL to the websites the spammers wish to advertise.

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"" is also a browser hijacker and adware, which can be downloaded and installed as a program, web browser extension, plugin or toolbar, on the victim's computer. It may also be bundled with free software that computer users download and install. Once installed, Justprofit will start displaying annoying popups. Some of the popups may prompt computer users to download fake and malicious Java Updates, Video player codecs, Anti-virus, Toolbars, Web browser extension or Browser updates that will infect their computers with adware, viruses, Trojan horse and other malware.

The Website: ""

For webmasters or website owners, “” generates fake website or visitors’ traffic using robots, which will mess up analytical key metrics data like Total Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate, in web traffic analyzer like Google Analytics.

Analytical data is very important to webmasters because it helps them understand their visitors, by determining where they are coming from, what they are interesting in, and how often they visit. Analytical data will always help convert visitors into customers, which will profit the website. So, accurate data is always important. But, “” will screw up critical analytical data when it uses unethical or blackhat SEO techniques to boost Google ranking, in order to send spam to millions of online users.

Luckily, there is a way for users of Google Analytic to block spam referrals, to prevent the blackhat SEO website: “” from screwing up their data. Click here for information.

For computer users who have gotten their computers infected and hijacked by the “Justprofit .xzy” adware may click here to use an adware removal program called AdwCleaner. The adware removal program is one of the best on the internet, is every small and doesn't require any installation. We recommend using AdwCleaner to scan your computer at least once per month.

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