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Yahoo/MSN National Lottery Scam from Winning Payment Notification Team

Yahoo/MSN National Lottery Scam from Winning Payment Notification Team

The "Yahoo/MSN National Lottery" email message below is a scam designed to trick the recipients into sending their personal information and money, by claiming that they are winners of the Yahoo/MSN National lottery. But, this email message was not sent by Yahoo or MSN, and is a lottery scam. There is no Yahoo/MSN National lottery, and Yahoo or MSN will never ask their users to send their personal information via email message.

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This type of lottery scam will ask you to send your personal information and subsequently ask you to send money in order to receive your prize. But, please do not respond to the email message or follow the instructions in it. Yahoo or MSN is not taking part in or endorsing any lottery games, so if you receive an email claiming that you have won some lottery prize endorsed by Yahoo or MSN, it is a scam.

The “Yahoo/MSN National Lottery” Email

Dear Winner,

Your Email has won you the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (200,000.00GBP) In the on going Yahoo/Msn National Lottery Office Uk 2015 and your winning batch number is YML002015, You arerequired to provide the following information required to process your winnings prize amount by contacting your Claims Manager on this Email ( with the below details for claims.

Kindly fill in your bio data for claims.

1. Full name:
2. Contact Address:

3 Date of Birth:

4. Winning Numbers:

5. Job:

6. Male / Female:

7: Personal E-mail:

8. Nationality :

9 Phone Number.

10. Any Identification Card.

Name: Mrs. Sharon L. Allen
Contact E-mail: claims_unit1@
Tell: 44 704-570-7347

Your e-mail won our Jackpot, congratulation once more.

Best regards,

Winning Payment Notification Team.

Remember, the email is a lottery scam and there is no prize, so please do not send your hard earned money to these cybercriminals. If you send your personal information, these cybercriminals will use it to further scam you.

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