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Beware of "" - it is a Fraudulent Website Created by Scammers

Beware of "" - it is a Fraudulent Website Created by Scammers

"" is a fake survey-taking, voucher and gift give-away website that should not be trusted. The fraudulent website was created by scammers to trick their potential victims into taking surveys and sharing the same fake website with their friends either through WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media websites, by promising them gifts, vouchers and other prizes. The surveys were created by scammers to harvest their potential victims’ personal information, to be used to scam them and to make the fake website popular, by promising potential victims gifts if they share with a few friends. Also, potential victims who complete the surveys may also be tricked into signing up for premium phone services and downloading malicious applications.

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The Fake Survey Website - ""

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None of the surveys on the fake website is authentic. So, please do not attempt to follow the instructions on the website, because it doesn’t matter how many survey you complete or how many times you share the scam with your friends, you will never receive what you were promised.

Also, the comments on the website are bogus. The comments were placed on the website by scammers to make it more convincing to online users that the fake website is legitimate.

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