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Beware of "Your Battery Is Badly Damaged By (4) Virus" Deceptive Advertisement at ""

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Beware of "Your Battery Is Badly Damaged By (4) Virus" Deceptive Advertisement at ""

The website "" should NOT be trusted. The untrustworthy website contains a deceptive advertisement that tricks online users into installing apps, by displaying the fake or very deceptive message: "Your battery is badly damaged by (4) virus." The fake message or advertisement (see below) falsely claims that online users' mobile devices or smart phones are damaged by malicious viruses, which infected their mobile devices from adult sites that they have recently visited. The deceptive advertisement also claims that online users' SIM cards will be damaged and their phone contacts, photos, data, apps and other important information on their smart phones will be corrupted or lost.

Please continue reading below.

Online users who see messages or advertisements claiming that their mobile devices are infected with viruses, or their mobile device's batteries are damaged, should not follow the instructions in them. The messages or advertisements were created by rogue online marketers, who use deceptive marketing strategies to frighten and trick online users into visiting their websites, or downloading and installing their apps.

The Fake "Battery is Badly Damaged" Advertisement

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Your battery is badly damaged by (4) virus!

We have detected that your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition is 28.1% DAMAGED because of (4) malicious virus from recent adult sites. It will soon damage your SIM card and corrupt your phone contacts, photos, data, apps, etc.

4 minutes and 10 seconds.

If you do not remove the virus now, it will cause more severe damage to your phone. Here’s what you should do (step-by-step):

Step 1: Tap the button and install “DU Battery Saver” for free on Google Playstore
Step 2: Run the app to remove all virus to repair your battery to 100%


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