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Fraudulent Email Message - "HMRC Order - Offshore Reserve Account"‏

Fraudulent Email Message - "HMRC Order - Offshore Reserve Account"‏

The email message below with the subject: "HMRC Order," which claims that the recipients’ bank account with Standard bank has been temporarily frozen in respect to a direct order from the HMRC, is a scam. The fraudulent email message was not sent by HMRC, but by scammers, who are attempting to trick their potential victims into sending them money and personal information. Therefore, recipients of the fraudulent email message should delete it and not follow the instructions into it.

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Scammers have created the fake website:, which they are using to carry out their crimes. Therefore, the website: should be avoided.

The Fraudulent “HMRC Order” Email Message

We regret to inform you that your bank account with Standard bank has been temporarily frozen in respect to a direct order from the HMRC.

A copy of the traditional blue HMRC document which we received by post today is attached to this email for your perusal.

The reports indicates that funds in your account have not been cleared for taxes. It is thereby forbidden to initiate an oversea transfer of funds or asset without first filing for tax clearance especially when the funds originates from within the United Kingdom. This order was triggered by your recent transfer outside the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia.

It is mandatory you clear the tax so that your account can be released with immediate effect. This tax infringement has no direct linking with the amount of money being transferred.

Meanwhile, your pending transfer to The National Commercial Bank(NCB) Saudi Arabia has been placed on indefinite hold and will not complete until the HMRC gives the order to release your account after clearing the accrued tax applied to your offshore account.

Our advice is for you to contact your UK based legal counsel that can solicit on your behalf and clear the tax, ensure to quote case number: HM22701831 or just forward the attached document to them.

As part of the UK government regulatory, no parts of your seized funds can be withdrawn by you, the bank nor the HMRC until the freeze is lifted.

We also wish to inform you that this action is not in our control as we only take orders from the HMRC which is the regulatory body in the United Kingdom. Hence they(HMRC) has the autonomous power to release the account after it has been duly cleared for taxes.


The HMRC stands for Her Majesty Revenue & Customs. The body that monitors inland revenue and financial transactions in the United Kingdom.

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