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Beware of "About Your Portable Machine" Credit and Debit Card Terminals Fraudulent Emails

Beware of "About Your Portable Machine" Credit and Debit Card Terminals Fraudulent Emails

The email message below with the subject: "About Your Portable Machine," which appears to be selling mobile or portable credit/debit card machines that use a SIM card over a cellphone network, is a scam. Recipients of the same email message are asked to delete it, since the email message is being sent by scammers, who are attempting to rip-off their potential victims.

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The “About Your Portable Machine” or “Credit Card Terminals” Fraudulent Email

Subject: About Your Portable Machine‏

It's likely that you've seen the machine shown here, See in more detail here


It is the machine that means you can take card throughout your building and is name a Bluetooth and it signals with the cradle and the base which then uses Ethernet/Phone.

Many people which use this kind of machine are Bistros or Cafe’s which need this sort of machine since they must allow persons to use card when either eating at their table or over the desk. However, it can be for other purposes as well.

The kind that is mostly used by people which need to accept cards on the go is known as a mobile, it only needs connectivity through a network sim card. This can be used across the country wherever there is a signal and you can take cards without a need for a landline.

Last but not least is the countertop that is for the persons who must take card at their tills using power plug and an internet or phone connection.

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