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Beware of "Natural Garcinia Cambogia" Weight Loss Pill Scams

2017-12-26T09:53:27 -  +
Beware of "Natural Garcinia Cambogia" Weight Loss Pill Scams

Online users do not visit or purchase from websites that claim to sell "Natural Garcinia Cambogia," a so-called weight loss pills created by so-called Anna and Samantha Williams from Shark Tank or Dragons' Den. This is because the websites are scams created by online scammers and the so-called Anna and Samantha Williams featured on the fake websites are actually Shelly Hyde and Kara Haught, who have nothing to with the product. Shark Tank or Dragons' Den is a reality television format program featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists.

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The Anna and Samantha Williams "Natural Garcinia Cambogia" Weight Loss Pill Website

Anna and Samantha Williams "Natural Garcinia Cambogia"

$5 Weight Loss Solution is The NEW Holy Grail of Weight Loss - Biggest Deal In Dragons' Den History - Samantha Williams Shares Her $5 Incredible Transformation Secret! I dropped 50lbs! It’s Wonderful!


The Facebook comments on the websites are fakes. The fake comments have been placed on the website to convince potential victims into purchasing the fake weight loss product. And, do not be fooled by the claims that the product was seen by The New York Times, TODAY, StyleWatch and Redbook, this is not true. It is just another trick to convince potential victims into falling for the scam. The scammers may also claim the product is loved by celebrities, but again, this is a lie used to convince potential victims into purchasing the fake product.

Online users, remember, using your credit card on fraudulent websites will allow online scammers to continuously charge it without your consent. Therefore, online users who have been tricked by the scam are asked to contact their banks and have the transactions canceled and their money refunded. They may need to have the bank block further fraudulent transactions or cancel the current credit card and get a new one.

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  • Posted: Apr 10 at 4:31 PM by an anonymous user from or near: Houston, Texas, United States

    So upset right now received what they wanted to send me in the mail not what I asked for ,and I have to call back in 14 days to cancel there trail product that I said no to.

    Ask to speak to manager never put them on the phone because they were to busy....and every operator was of Indian descent stealing peoples hard earn money charging there credit card for there own usage ....

    I am so p*ssed right now and I will be talking to my lawyer 😠😠


  • Posted: Apr 8 at 12:35 PM by an anonymous user from or near: Spring, Texas, United States

    It sounded too good to be true and then I saw a different product with same backstory, verbiage, and reviews. Several sites were not accessible. I also notice the perpetuation of bad grammar and word usage.

    They have setup pages of fake sites stating the validity of the product but one thing they all had in common was very bad English. I also noticed that all the reviews were current dates.

    I finally looked up shark tank products and neither weight loss item was there. Then I see this site which confirmed my fraud suspicions.



  • Posted: Apr 2 at 3:03 PM by an anonymous user from or near: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    saw the advertisement as a pop up on my phone, tried to order but I didn't enter my credit information Thank Goodness. Had nothing but problems with the site made my phone freeze, all kinds of problems.


    • Posted: Apr 3 at 12:36 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Picayune, Mississippi, United States

      I went round and round with problems. Unfortunately I DID PUT MY CC #!


  • Posted: Mar 5, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Whitestone, England, United Kingdom

    Sent for the so called free sample of the Bioslim slimming product. Two sets of postage were taken. No slimming product was received .... But a pack of what appears to be a laxative arrived. Repeated requests for the slimming product failed to produce it. After reading advice on the internet l cancelled my bank account to block any further loss.

    I had intended to conduct a scientific test but as I am unable to get a sample I assume it would be a failure.
    Then finding out that it is sold under various names and that the sisters who claimed to have set up the business were unconnected with Bioslim and their names. Were fake. There are even fake magazines recommending this product!

    The best advice I can give is that you should not give anyone access to your credit card or bank account to pay for postage for any "free" sample.

    Not only free pills but also gave cream is being used in the same scam system.
    What are they going to try to sell next? And what other criminals are going to offer you phony free samples?


  • Posted: Feb 23, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Farmington, Missouri, United States

    Well, being a fan of Shark Tank,Melissa McCarthy and a person always looking for that ‘miracle weight loss aide’ I fell for the FaceBook ad. I can say I did notice a curb in my appetite, but NO weight loss occurred during the past month.

    Now for the bad news...I just discovered two debits to my checking account totaling $150! I am livid! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM LIKE THIS CHUBBY OLD LADY DID!


    • Posted: Feb 25, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Round Rock, Texas, United States

      They also have another fake website claiming CLA Safflower oil weight loss


  • Posted: Feb 12, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Wembley, England, United Kingdom

    Jesus,just scammed me for £500..


  • Posted: Jan 25, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

    I have just realised that this is a scam and I am contacting my bank right now.


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