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Beware of "Audi Lottery 2018" Scam Being Sent by Scammers

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Beware of "Audi Lottery 2018" Scam Being Sent by Scammers

There is no "Audi Lottery 2018." Therefore, online users, if you have received emails like the one below, which claim you have thousands or millions of dollars and a brand new Audi Q7 car in the "Audi Automobile Company" or "German Audi Company" lottery, please delete the same emails because they are lottery scams being sent by scammers.

Please continue below.

Remember, there is no such "Audi Automobile Company" lottery and once you are asked to send money or personal information to collect a lottery prize, it is a scam. So, do not be fooled by lottery scammers who make millions of dollars from gullible online users who they have tricked into believing they have won some so-called lottery.

The "Audi Lottery 2018" Scam

Audi Lottery 2018

On behalf of Audi Automobile Company, I Mr. Don Morgan is writing this brief letter to inform you that your email has won you a grand prize of $900,000.00 US Dollars and a brand new Audi Q7 2018 model.

The selection process was carried out through electronic email ballot system our aim is to select winners through the internet which will be much more easy way to select winners all around the world and due to the fact that you alone have access to your email so have no fear.

For you have emerged a winner if you are the original proprietor to this email account which you have received the winning notification letter.

For more vital details regarding this short information kindly forward your details to this contact email ID: truthinengineermegacontest@outlook.com to open your claim file.

Fill this information. {1} Name: {2} Age: {3} Sex: {4} Marital Status: {5} Country: {6} Nationality: {7} Cell Phone Number:

Winning Batch No_ Is: ASQD. 72ANR531R.

This Very Promo Was Officially Approved And Sponsored by German Audi Company.

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  • Posted: Apr 12 at 5:57 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India

    I also got that type message:


    AUDI Programs & Events Department
    Yeomans Dr. (Blakelands),
    Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes,
    MK14 5AN, United Kingdom
    Telephone: 44-8445-8867-34

    ATTENTION: Rohit ,

    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the lucky winners selected on this year AUDI MOTORS PROMOTION 2018. We felicitate with you and your family and especially for being a citizen of (INDIA). This promotion was set-up In United Kingdom AUDI MOTORS to encourage prospective MOBILE users. Congratulations on behalf of the ''AUDI MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM'' Our Screening Committee and National Advisory Board has completed all verification and screening by the Screening Committee of "UK's Overseas National Advisory Remittance Claims Unit. You have been approved to received your Demand draft and AudI SUV by a special diplomatic arrival been approved by the regulation council of the AudI Motors Promotion 2018. Your cash prize of Four Crore thirty-One lahk India Rupees (RS 4 CRORE 31 LAKH RUPEES) will be delivered safely to your door step through our Accredited APC Dispatch Officer. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special affiliated courier company under Diplomatic Umbrella. We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your door step. Your name, phone number and address has been Received.

    Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by ENGLAND AUDI MOTORS UNITED KINGDOM.Therefore, you will only be required to pay LOCAL Custom Duty Custom Notarization Clearance Fee of 24,500.00 INR to India custom duty fee in clearing of your consignment from the custom duties in your country INDIA. Our DELIVERY Officer, MR. CHARLIE WEBB from the TARA COURIER SERVICES will be Arriving in India TOMORROW MORNING. And you are to provide him a copy of your ID prove ( ID CARD/ PASSPORT / VOTERS CARD PAN CARD OR ANY VALID ID PROOF) to enable him identify you before he will Handover your parcel to you. Below is his flight information. B.A flight information has already been sent to our dispatch officer and you have to contact his email so that he can furnish you with time of arrival in your country.

    DEPARTURE DATE: 11/04/2018 TIME: 10:45:00 P.M (UK TIME)
    ARRIVAL DATE: 12/04/2018 TIME: 9:30 A.M (INDIA TIME)

    Your Parcel contains all of the following items.
    1) A DEMAND DRAFT OF RS,4,31,000.00/INR

    Our company Headquarters and Directors
    Email: Taracouriercompany@post.com
    Website: www.tarascourierdelivery.co.nf
    Email: motors.audi@mail.com
    Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV11 2RZ,
    London UK.





    Best Regards,
    Casin Palmer"


  • Posted: Mar 13, 2018 by info

    Here is another scam:

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Q7Universal Contest
    Date: 2018-03-13 12:11 GMT 02:00
    Subject: Audi Automobile™ 2018 Terms & Conditions

    Address: DLF Capitol Point, Baba Khadak Marg, Cowwaught Place, New Delhi,
    Delhi 11355.

    Congratulation Audi 2018 Promotion Lucky Beneficiary:

    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note for being part of the
    lucky winners selected in this year annual promotion and we hereby use this
    medium to acknowledge the receipt of your claims requirement regarding the
    winning notification email you received informing you of the prize you have
    won. Audi Administrative department and promotions department have just
    approved your payment of the tune of Nine Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars.

    A certified check of the said sum has been written in your name, Your
    Certificate of winnings and your form b1 (otherwise known as the Clearance
    Certificate) alongside the documents of your brand New 2018 AUDI Q7 car has
    been compiled in as a consignment and sent to our official security Courier
    Company in your favor. To claim this prizes you will have to contact the
    affiliated security courier company agent whom will be responsible for the
    delivery of the entire necessary documents that is of high importance to
    you including your winning check, so we expect you to show a great
    appreciation to Audi Automobile promotion Inc.

    As a great firm been in existence for years and has single handedly made
    this event possible in other to keep promoting the sales and use of Audi
    cars in every part of the world, in case you still have doubts arising from
    the area of how you got selected note that the selection process was
    carried out through an electronic email ballot system our aim was to select
    winners through the internet which will be a much more easy way to select
    winners all around the universe and due to the fact that you alone have
    access to your email so have no fear for you have emerged a winner if you
    are the original proprietor to this email account which you have received
    the winning notification letter as distributed by our event manager.

    In furtherance to begin the claims process you are advised to contact the
    affiliated security courier company which will be responsible for the
    shipment of your Check, upon that be also aware that before your winning
    prize was released to security company a hard cover insurance policy was
    placed on your winning by Audi Automobile company to avoid any harm or
    illegal channeling due to this no harm or deduction can be done to your
    certified prize check.

    Once you get your winning check you are expected to deposit it in your
    personal bank account and we can assure you the entire Nine Hundred
    Thousand U.S Dollars you have won will be remitted into your account in not
    less than three to four banking days so make sure you contact the courier
    company and provide them with their delivery request and they will ship you
    the package, as your claims agent i will also be of great assistance to
    you in-case of any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

    Failure to claim your prizes (CASH) would result to forfeiting and will be
    used for the next Audi international lottery program. Furthermore, should
    there be any change in your contact address you quickly notify the
    affiliated security courier company agent as soon as possible. Although the
    Audi CEO over here could have be the person to hand over the check and the
    documents of the car to you but the distance between this country and your
    own country is too far that is why the CEO decided we use TNT Courier to
    deliver your high valuable winning prize to you.

    Nevertheless below is the courier contact email for your winning prize to
    be delivered to you. Contact immediately and endeavor to update on your
    successful process with courier for liaison purposes.

    Courier Contact E-Mail: TNTGLOCOURIER@GMAIL.COM
    Tel 918147008425 < 91 81470 08425> or 919742528997
    < 91 97425 28997>

    SECRET PIN CODE: AUDI / Q7/322/44.

    Provide below information’s to them;
    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    Residential Full Address:
    Parcel Reference Number stated above:
    Secret Pin Code stated above:

    To enable the Dispatch officer verify your claim with the files which has
    been sent to them.

    Sam Jay
    Tel 918147008425 < 91 81470 08425> or 919742528997
    < 91 97425 28997>
    Courier Contact E-mail: TNTGLOCOURIER@GMAIL.COM

    This Audi Automobile promo which you was opportune to benefited from was
    organized and sponsored here in Indian by Germany Audi Automobile Company,
    the reasons for organizing the international promotion in this Indian, is
    to keep promoting the sales and use of Audi cars all over the globe. The
    second reason is to internationally promote our new mega company which was
    newly completed over here.

    Keep us posted on any development with the affiliated courier company, in
    relation to your lottery winnings. Do not forget to quickly notify us once
    you finally receive your winning prize from the affiliated security courier

    Mr. Don Morgan. Event Manager."


  • Posted: Feb 20, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Kochi, Kerala, India


    I have recently got a similar email from Audi UK claiming that my phone number has been selected as a winner of rs 405,000gbp and an Audi a7. They also sent me the proof certificate, ID of my diplomat and said that they will be coming to my country tomorrow.

    What should I do, I do have the email address of the diplomat.


    • Posted: Mar 2, 2018 by an anonymous user

      I have got the same msg


    • Posted: Feb 20, 2018 by info

      It is a scam, so do not let them take you for a fool. Post the email address of the so-called diplomate to help others.


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