7 Ways Hackers Can Use Your IP

The IP address acts as the identifier of the device you use to access the Internet. While it allows you to interact successfully with websites, it can also compromise your privacy. Therefore, it is important to be able to hide it.

7 Ways Hackers Can Use Your IP

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a unique address of a computer or other device that is connected to the global network Internet or a local area network. In other words, during the current connection, the Internet user has a unique combination of numbers, which no other user in the world has.

Actually, this unique combination of numbers is an IP address. The IP address can be static or dynamic and is assigned by the provider.

The static IP address is constant and does not change each time you connect to the Internet. The dynamic IP address may change when connected to the Internet (the last digit in the IP address changes). Multiple computers can have the same IP address if connected through the same server and will have the same IP address as the server.

The IP address space is managed by the American non-profit organization “Internet Address Space Administration” (IANA). It allocates blocks of IP addresses to regional registrars. They, in turn, share address blocks across large providers, which in turn share addresses among affiliated providers and so on, until a single IP address is issued to you when you go online. So, the question arises, “Is it possible to find a specific person by IP address?”. In most cases, this is possible.

How Can Someone Find Your IP Address?

Attackers can easily figure out your IP address on the network. Here are some of the most common ways:

  • Using torrents. If you are using torrents, keep in mind that your IP address is shown along with the type and version of the torrent client;
  • Electronic messages. Some email services disclose client IP addresses. Often, the recipient sees the IP address of the interlocutor in the header of the email;
  • Maintaining the site and placing it on the home server. This is one of the unconventional methods of detecting an IP address, which is nevertheless often used by hackers;
  • Checking the server logs of the websites you visited. Every website you visit sees and stores your IP address. If there is a data leak on the site, anyone can find out your IP;
  • HTML code errors. Pay attention, please that errors in the use of HTML code in an email may reveal your IP address when you open such emails or images they contain;
  • Access to Wi-Fi access point. Anyone who somehow gained access to your Wi-Fi access point can easily find out which IP is being used;
  • Visiting forums and blogs. Administrators of blogs, forums, game servers, etc. can also easily find person by IP address;
  • Interaction with advertising. When you interact with online ads, be prepared for advertisers to disclose your IP;
  • Following the links. Attackers can use tools to create a link to a legitimate site and share the link with you. Clicking it, as a result, can lead to tracking your IP address.

How Not to Allow Outsiders Determine Your IP Address?

Here are some good ways to hide IP address online so that no one can track down and steal them:

  1. Using VPN. VPN successfully hides your real IP address. All you need to do is connect to the VeePN service, and it will automatically replace your real IP address with its own. The virtual private network is one of the best ways not only to hide IP but also to keep personal data safe. There is a fee to use the services, but the trial version is available completely free of charge. A reliable encryption service will allow you to remain anonymous on the network;
  2. Using a proxy. The proxy can also hide your location online every time you connect. However, this does not provide the same level of security as VPN. VPN mask IP is more reliable and secure;
  3. Switching between Wi-Fi networks. You can also hide IP address online if you have access to several Wi-Fi networks and can switch between them. With each new connection to the next network, you will receive a new IP address;
  4. Using a mobile connection. You can hide your location online simply by connecting to the Internet via your mobile phone;
  5. Contacting an Internet provider. Since your IP address is assigned by an Internet provider, you can ask him to change it.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to hide your IP address. But not all of them provide high security. VPN is rightfully considered the most effective. Therefore, experts recommend using VPN mask IP to ensure anonymity on the network.


What Can People Do with Your IP Address?

Many people today think about the question, “Is it illegal to get someone`s IP address?”. We want to note that there is no special law that would prohibit someone from revealing your IP address. Therefore, there is nothing illegal in these actions. But still, the one who managed to find out your IP address can use this data for bad purposes. Here are some of the negative consequences of disclosing your IP address:

  • Restrict access to certain services. For example, content providers may use your IP address to geo-block you. This is a content restriction that essentially prevents you from accessing the web page unless the services are extended to your country;
  • Spam with personalized ads. Advertisers track you online and then spam you with advertisements;
  • Add your IP to databases. Hackers can collect IP addresses of network users for the purpose of their subsequent sale on the darknet and making a profit. In addition, they collect an entire database containing user data that they managed to steal from various websites;
  • Get more information about yourself. With the help of an IP address, a cybercriminal can find out who your provider is and use phishing and fraudulent attacks against him, which will lead to the disclosure of your personal data;
  • Carry out a DoS attack on your network;
  • Block you in online games;
  • Sue, you for copyright infringement. There are special agencies that monitor all popular torrents and look for copyright infringers. They just find out the IP and then request personal and contact information from the provider.

So, it is important to hide IP address on the network and ensure the complete security of personal information. Use a VPN or another convenient method and remain anonymous online.

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7 Ways Hackers Can Use Your IP