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Facebook Spam and Scam - Got My New iPad hd! At

Facebook Spam and Scam - Got My New iPad hd! At

The Facebook spam: "Got My New iPad hd!" is another promotional trick by spammers. The trick is to use a bogus promotion to lure you to online advertisements or surveys that they (scammers) will be paid for, each time someone views the advertisements or completes the surveys. If this post shows up on your Facebook Wall or Timeline, please report it as spam. Do not share, "like", or comment on this post because this will only help spread it to others, which is what the spammers want.

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A copy of the Facebook spam: "Got My New iPad hd!"

Facebook spam: "Got My New iPad hd!"

Guys this online store is messing up. I received a free ipad and was never asked to pay! This is the second time I placed an order. The 1st one arrived via mail already. Hurry before they fix it! Go here:

If you go to the websites: and, will redirect you to  online advertisements or  surveys. Do not complete these surveys because you will not get what you were promised. The only persons that will benefit from this, are the scammers, who will be paid for each completed survey.

Reporting a post as spam, will help Facebook remove that post and prevent it from spreading to others.

Instructions for reporting a Facebook post as spam

reporting a Facebook post as spam - Got My New iPad hd!

  • Move your mouse pointer over the post.
  • Click the "Down" arrow at the top right corner of the post.  Look at the top right corner of the image above.
  • Click "Report Story or Spam"

Although, this Facebook post is currently being used for sending persons to online advertisements or surveys, it can also be used to lure persons to malicious websites that can infect their computers with viruses, Trojan horse, and other malicious programs. 

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