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Hoax - Superhero 8 Year Old Syrian Boy Saves Little Girl from Sniper

Hoax - Superhero 8 Year Old Syrian Boy Saves Little Girl from Sniper

A video has been circulating on the internet of an 8 year old Syrian boy whose action are said to heroic after running through fires of bullets in order to save a little girl who is cowering behind an old, burned-out truck in the middle of a street pinned down by a sniper shooting at her. This footage which caught the attention of millions of viewers showed the brave little boy carrying the scared little girl to safety by the hand.

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At one point in the video the little boy fell to the ground to deceive the sniper pretending to be hit by the incoming showers of bullets.

The Fake Video or Hoax

It was believed that the footage was posted by Syrian anti-regime activists. This is not so as it was later revealed that it was a film created by Norwegian film-makers on the holiday island of Malta.

Behind The Scenes or the Making of the Video

Lars Klevberg, 34, a director from Oslo, admitted to developing the hoax after watching news coverage of the ongoing conflict in Syria and to bring action on behalf of innocent children all over the world who are affected by war.

He told BBC Trending:

"If I could make a film and pretend it was real, people would share it and react with hope.

"We shot it in Malta in May this year on a set that was used for other famous movies like Troy and Gladiator.

"The little boy and girl are professional actors from Malta. The voices in the background are Syrian refugees living in Malta."

He added:

"By publishing a clip that could appear to be authentic we hoped to take advantage of a tool that's often used in war; make a video that claims to be real.

"We wanted to see if the film would get attention and spur debate, first and foremost about children and war."

The video is a fake and was use to allow viewers to be aware of what is happening in Syria.

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