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Spam Applications: "Who Removed Me - FBRemove .com / See Who Deleted You FaceTracker"

Spam Applications: "Who Removed Me - FBRemove .com / See Who Deleted You FaceTracker"

If you are asked to install the "Who Removed Me FBRemove .com", "See Who Deleted You on Facebook", FaceTracker or "FB-Plus Addon" application, please do not. This application is a scam designed to send spam to your Facebook friends by sending them fake pictures, and redirecting or taking them to Facebook and survey scamming websites.

The "Who Removed Me FBRemove .com" or FaceTracker Application and Website

The "Who Removed Me FBRemove .com" or FaceTracker Application and Website

This fake application will post fake images of persons, who it claims have removed you from their Facebook accounts, to all of you Facebook friends.

The Fake "Who Removed Me" Facebook Image PostThe Fake "Who Removed Me" Image Facebook Post

If you go to the website or click on the spam message, you will be taken to the fake website www.FBRemove .com, which will redirect or take you to the fake website www.picmodule .com or survey scamming website www.testyapps .com.

  • The Spamming Application Website www.picmodule .com

    The "Who Removed Me FBRemove .com" or FaceTracker Application and Website

    The "Add To Chrome" link on this website will ask you to install the application (FB-Plus Addon), located in the Google Chrome store at the following link: webstore/detail/fb-plus-addon /fpnppgdmmhfemboihe kmbpokphokjilg/reviews

    Persons in the Google Chrome store have already started complaining about this application or extension.

    Here are some of their comments:

    Complete spam. It posts a spam photos, doesn't allow you to access that photo, (It showed someone commented on it, I tried to access that comment and it immediately took me away from the picture and removed the notification.) Don't add this and get your account spammed.


    If you are taken to the same application’s location in the Google Chrome store, please avoid installing it.

  • The Survey Scamming Website www.testyapps .com

    The Survey scam www.testyapps .com

    hxxp://www.testyapps .com/jack/d.php
    This Video requires Age Verification by completing a 30 Second test.

    The survey website will attempt to trick you into completing surveys, by claiming you need to need this first before you can install the fake application or browser extension. But, do not complete these surveys, because you will only help these scammers make money. They will get paid for each survey that is completed by persons who have been tricked into doing so.

How To Remove The "Who Removed Me FBRemove .com" or "See Who Deleted You on Facebook" Application or Extension From the Web Browser Google Chrome

If you have already installed this application, please click here for instructions on how to remove it if you are using Google Chrome, and delete the Chrome extension with the following names:

  • FB-Plus Addon
  • FaceTracker

Delete any application or extension that you uncertain of, do not know anything about, or not using. Google Chrome extensions use up a lot of resources, and deleting the unwanted and the ones that you are not using will help speed up your browsing experience.

Please avoid installing this application, and if it posted to your Facebook Wall or Timeline, please inform the friends that the post came that they need to remove this spam application from their web browsers.

The fake application or extension is similar to the following:

Remember to leave your comment and read the ones made by others below. And, please report malicious, phishing or scam email messages, social media posts and websites to us. You may click here to contact us, or forward the email messages to:

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