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There is No Facebook Christmas Tree Virus or Trojan App Discovered by Geek Squad

There is No Facebook Christmas Tree Virus or Trojan App Discovered by Geek Squad

The post below, which claims that there is a malicious "Christmas Tree App" that is spreading quickly, which will crash computers it infects, is a hoax that started back in 2010. There is no "Christmas Tree App" Trojan horse or virus that the bogus post claims Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy that provides 24/7 technical support for electronics, has discovered. Geek Squad stated back in 2010 and 2013 that they have not investigated a so-called "Christmas Tree App." So, recipients of the hoax should not share it; they should delete it instead.

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All the popular software security or antivirus software makers have not heard of the "Christmas Tree App" trojan or virus. A few have even posted messages on their blogs warning internet users not to share the fake "Christmas Tree App" trojan/virus post or message.

The Facebook Christmas Tree Virus or Trojan App Hoax

WARNING!!! DO NOT LOAD the Christmas tree app. It will crash your computer. Geeksquad says it's one of the WORST trojan viruses there is and it is spreading quickly. Please re-post and let your friends know

WARNING!!!!!!.....DO NOT USE THE Christmas tree app. on Facebook please be advised it will crash your computer. Geek squad says its oneof the WORST trojan-viruses there is and it is spreading quickly.Re-post and let your friends know. THANKS PLEASE REPOST!

Geek Squad posted the following back in 2013 regarding the hoax:

“Let’s make this clear: Geek Squad has never formally investigated any Facebook app that involved Christmas trees, nor have we identified it as the source of any infections in any tech cases we have solved. This does not automatically mean that the “Christmas Tree App”, if you find one on Facebook, is ok to use. “

Although the “Christmas Tree App” post above is a hoax, it doesn’t mean that Facebook users should recklessly install a “Christmas Tree App” if they find one on Facebook. Remember, everyday cyber-criminals are coming up with clever ways of tricking their potential victims into installing malicious applications, which they (cyber-criminals) will use to spy on and steal their victims’ information and money.

Facebook users are advised to research a Facebook app or application before installing it. This is because malicious Facebook apps can take Facebook users to phishing websites that will steal their information, or to malicious websites that can infect their computers with Trojan horse or viruses.

Facebook users can view the apps installed on their accounts or, remove unwanted or suspicious Facebook apps by clicking here for instructions.

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