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Lottery Scam - "In-App Advertisements for the Android Easter Cash Splash Promo"

Lottery Scam - "In-App Advertisements for the Android Easter Cash Splash Promo"

The "In-App Advertisements for the Android Easter Cash Splash Promo" email message below is a scam, designed to trick the recipients into sending your personal information and money, by claiming that they are the winner of the In-App Advertisements for the Android Easter Cash Splash promotion. Remember, the email message was not sent by Google and is a lottery scam. There is no Google lottery or promotion, and Google will never ask you to send your personal information via email message.

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This type of lottery scam will ask you to send your personal information and subsequently ask you to send money in order to receive your prize. But, please do not respond to the email message or follow the instructions in it.

Google is not taking part in or endorsing any lottery games or promotions, so if you receive an email claiming that you have won some lottery prize endorsed by Google, it is a scam.

The Google Phishing Scam

Someone entered your information in one of our In-App Advertisements for the Android Easter Cash Splash Promo and we are using this medium to officially notify you that the result of the promo was recently released as shown below:

Promo Result

S/N Winners List Amount Won Ticket Number Status

1 1,000,000.00 GBP Confidential Unclaimed

2 500,000.00 GBP AD540201H Unclaimed

3 200,000.00 GBP Confidential Unclaimed

We are happy to inform you that you are our second prize winner of 500,000.00 GBP (Five hundred thousand Great British Pounds) at this promo. Your ticket number is AD540201H. Please take note of your ticket number as it will be needed for verification. You can call 44-703-196-6729 and provide your ticket number to verify that you won.

To receive your money, winners are expected to reply this email with the following information for verification: 1. Your Full Names 2. Residential address 3. Mobile number 4. Email address 5. Ticket number

Our bank will request for your bank account and your prize money will be transferred to you. You will receive the transfer of 500,000.00 GBP in your bank account within 2-3 business days.

You won big at this promo because you are our valuable customer. Be happy and keep using Android. Let us know if you wish to decline the receipt of your 500,000.00 GBP so that the opportunity will be given to another Android user.

WARNING: Because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet, confidentiality should be accorded at all times. You are advised to keep this information confidential to avoid mix up and false claims. Android Inc will not be responsible for errors due to false claims.

Please inform us as soon as you receive your money


Patrick Pichette
Chief Financial Officer

Google Inc - United Kingdom
Tel: 44-703-196-6729

Copyright © 2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved

There is no prize, so please do not send your hard earned money to these cybercriminals. If you send your personal information, these cybercriminals will use it to further scam you.

This lottery scam is similar to the following:

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