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Beware of HGTV Network, Property Brothers or Cineflix Media Facebook Sweepstakes Scams

Beware of HGTV Network, Property Brothers or Cineflix Media Facebook Sweepstakes Scams

Scammers have created bogus or fake Property Brothers Facebook accounts, and are using them to send out fake HGTV and other prize notifications, to trick their potential victims into believing that they are Sweepstakes winners. Once the scammers have gotten their potential victims to contact them via the fake Facebook prize notification messages, they will ask the potential victims to send money via Western Union or MoneyGram in order to claim their prizes. Scripps, the company that operates HGTV, said they are aware of the scams and have posted the warning below on their Facebook page.

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Facebook users who have gotten notification messages claiming that they are sweepstakes winners of Scott brothers, HGTV, Property Brothers or Cineflix Media, may visit the legitimate Property Brother Facebook page, by clicking here, to verify the authenticity of the Sweepstakes. And, legitimate companies will never ask their prize winners to send money via Prepaid Debit Cards, Western Union, MoneyGram or other money transfer services in order to claim their prizes.

So, once allegedly Sweepstakes prize winners are asked to send money via one of the money transfer services, it should raise a red flag that scammers are attempting to rob them of their hard earned money.

Property Brothers Sweepstakes Scam Warning

This is to advise readers that CINEFLIX MEDIA, the producer of PROPERTY BROTHERS, owns and operates only one Facebook account related to this production -

When CINEFLIX MEDIA becomes aware of any unofficial PROPERTY BROTHERS Facebook account, we act diligently to protect our rights and the interests of our loyal followers, including by providing Facebook with appropriate notice.

Recently, an imposter claiming to be the Scott brothers set up an unofficial Facebook account on which he or she issued a false and fraudulent SWEEPSTAKES OFFER that included a request for ‘winners’ to send money to a given address in order to claim a $25,000 cash prize. Please note that the Facebook account in question and the false and fraudulent ‘sweepstakes’ offer on which it appears are completely unrelated to CINEFLIX MEDIA, its related companies, and/or Drew and Jonathan Scott.

We urge anyone who may be contacted by the scam artists behind this ‘sweepstakes offer’ to not, under any circumstances, send money to them and to inform their local, state/provincial or federal law enforcement authorities of this online scam. CINEFLIX MEDIA, its related companies and Drew and Jonathan Scott accept no responsibility for any claims, damages, monetary or other losses that may arise from or be related to the false and fraudulent ‘sweepstakes offer’ or to any other ‘contest’ that does not appear on the official PROPERTY BROTHERS Facebook account of CINEFLIX MEDIA.

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