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Beware of Whatsapp Gold - A Malicious Mobile App

Beware of Whatsapp Gold - A Malicious Mobile App

Mobile device or Smartphone users should be aware of a message or invitation to install WhatsApp Gold (see below), a third party application that was banned by WhatsApp because it is not the official version from the WhatsApp Facebook developers team. The banned app (WhatsApp Gold) is a tweaked version of the original version of WhatsApp that may have been modified by cybercriminals to steal mobile device users’ data, or install malware on their phones or mobile devices. WhatsApp alerts its users, informing them that WhatsApp Gold version can pass their private information to third parties without their consent.

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The Whatsapp Gold Invitation Message

Activate Whatsapp Gold
Get Limited Edition Whatsapp Gold

Hey Finally Secret f has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities.

Now we can use it too ,Whatsapp Gold Contains many advanced features like Whatsapp Video calling , Delete the messages you sent by mistake , Send more than 100 pits at once ,Free calling ,Change whatsapp themes and tons of great features.

This whatsapp gold can be activated only Via Invites and I am inviting you. Once you activate this whatsapp gold, your green icon will change to gold and you can enjoy all features 10096 safely.

Activate whatsapp Gold with one click at https://www.goldenversion.corn/

The WhatsApp Gold app entices mobile users to install it by claiming that it has video calling, can delete messages sent by mistake, send more than 100 pictures at once, has free calling, can change Whatsapp themes and tons of great features.

Mobile device users who have installed the banned third party app run the risk of their data being stolen without their knowledge and sold on the dark web or black market. Photos, videos and other sensitive information such as banking passwords, email and website passwords could be stolen by the banned app.

Mobile users who have received messages from friends or groups to install WhatsApp Gold to try video calling and other irresistible features that are not originally available on WhatsApp, are asked to delete or ignore the messages.

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