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Beware of Thomas and Kathleen Morris Lottery Donation Scam

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Beware of Thomas and Kathleen Morris Lottery Donation Scam

Online users are asked to be aware of Thomas and Kathleen Morris lottery donation scams. The names of the Minnesota Powerball Jackpot winners, who won 228 million dollars, are being used by scammers in an attempt to trick potential victims into sending money and personal information. The scammers claim their potential victims were randomly selected to receive donations from the lottery winner as part of his charity project. But, Thomas and Kathleen Morris are not randomly donating money to people around the world.

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A Sample of the Thomas and Kathleen Morris Lottery Donation Scam

Thomas and Kathleen Morris Powerball Jackpot Winner

From: Katthleen Thomas <kattmos04@gmail.com>

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 6:42:04 PM

Subject: Re:

We are pleased to get your response

I am Kathleen Morris, 69-years old mother of two and a grandmother, i and my husband Thomas Finley Morris became a Powerball jackpot winner of 228.9Millon Dollars on August,10 2011. April,11th 2015 My husband and I came to Netherland from Burnsville Because of our recent Powerball jackpot win of 101million Dollars , " i have been doing charity work for 2 years since our first Jackpot Lottery Winning in 2011, Before our 2011 win we always played the lottery every week we never had any large payout from my years of playing usually $5,000 and most time below that amount.While it may be too early to tell how winning 101Millon Dollars will affect my family and i because we had alot of privacy and security problem with our 2011 Jackpot winning 228.9Millon Dollars, i know there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with the win.

“I’ve been handed all this gift by God for a reason, “I have to use it wisely and do good for others too, like a charity type of thing.”Over the years, i have worked as a cleaner in hospitals and office buildings also been involved in many fundraisers and charities, including volunteering for the Starlight Children’s Foundation but after winning the 228.9Million dollars alot has changed but with the recent win by my husband in Ponce, Puerto Rico when he went to visit our daughter who just gave birth to a baby boy we have decided to donate 4Million Dollars to you from our 101Million Jackpot winning . so if you are getting this mail from me it means you have been chosen by my family and i with the assistance from NIH and Linkedin as a beneficiary.

I have always prayed that God should help me and i was not surprised when i won my Lottery because i have always knew God has a plan for my family because i believe in the part of the Bible that says ask and you shall receive and consistently i have always asked for a miracle from God through prayers and i believe you do the same too.

Please you can know more about us on the YOUTUBE-VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrkzu7e3jYQ

I would love to know few important things about my beneficiary :






May the Good lord bless your heart to be a blessing to your family and the society at large as soon as my donation gets to you.

Kathleen Morris & Family

Remember, once they (scammers) have received their potential victims' personal information, they will use the information to trick the potential victims into sending money, which they will claim is for some advance fees, which will cover banking and transfer costs, insurance payments or tax that the potential victims need to pay before they can receive the so-called donated money. But, if the victims send their money, the scammers will steal it and may continue to trick the victims into sending more money, with the promise of receiving the donated money the scammers claim they would receive.

Recipients of the Thomas and Kathleen Morris lottery donation scam emails are asked not to respond to or follow the instructions in them. They should just delete the email messages instead.

It is important to remember that when someone contacts you, claiming that you have won the lottery or you are the recipient of millions of dollars, and asks you to send money in order to receive your lottery winnings or prizes, it is a SCAM. Legitimate lottery companies will never ask their winners to send money in order to receive their prizes or winnings. And, why would lottery winners who are allegedly donating millions of dollars to you, want you to send a few hundred or thousand dollars for banking and transfer costs, insurance payments or tax? Well, the money that the scammers want the victims to send, which the scammers claim is for taxes, bank transfer cost, insurance or other expenses, is what the scammers will steal. And, the victims on the other hand, will never receive the winnings, prizes or money that they were promised.

So, once you are asked to send money in order to receive money, it is a scam.

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