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It is Time to Change Your Passwords

It is Time to Change Your Passwords

According to online security experts, every year hackers compromise thousands of online user accounts. These compromised accounts include email, Facebook,LiveJournal, Twitter, Skype and others. So, to help protect your online accounts, it is recommended that you change your passwords frequently. If you have not changed your passwords since the start of the year, please do so now.

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For a lot of internet users, changing password is like a very tedious task, because it is hard to remember all of those passwords and to determine which password is for which account. But, think how inconvenient it would be if your account was compromised and your identity stolen, money stolen and you are locked out of your email account.

It may take weeks or even months to recover all that was stolen and, this recovery process is far more tedious and inconvenient that the two minutes or less it will take you to change your password.

A lot of persons say they are forced to use complex passwords that they will forget as soon as they have entered it. They constantly complain that IT personnels are making their lives difficult when they do this. But think again, if we didn't have hackers and scammers who have sophisticated tools that they can use to crack easily guessed or weak passwords, we all could use whatever passwords we choose.

Even complex passwords can be hacked, that is why it is recommended that you change passwords every 3 months or less.complex passwords will take a longer time to crack that an easily guessed or weak one.

To make your password even harder to crack or guess, ensure that it is at least eight characters long and has special characters (none numeric and alphabetic characters) like * @ # $ % + ! ? | * + [ ] = .

Cybercriminals are continuously trying to steal your personal information and money. And, the only thing that stands between you and them, is your password. So, help protect yourself online by changing your password frequently.

For information about easily guessed or weak passwords, how they are cracked and the ones you should never use click here.

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