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Google Chrome Spam Application - "See Whos Viewed Your Profile"

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Google Chrome Spam Application - "See Whos Viewed Your Profile"

Google Chrome web browser users, please avoid installing the application "See Whos Viewed Your Profile", at the Chrome Web Store. This application will only redirect you to a spam website displaying fake deals, coupons and other promotions. A user at the Google Chrome Store stated that this application is spam and will get your Facebook account blocked. It seems this application was created by a user called Hosam Ornar.

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The "See Whos Viewed Your Profile" Facebook Application

Facebook See Whos Viewed Your Profile

I Totally Just Found Out Whos Checking Out My FB
See Who Has Been Looking at Your Profile

Do not share, "like", comment on this application; this will only help spread it to other users.

If you click on the link in the Facebook post above, you will be redirected to the website "", which will take you to the Google Chrome store, located at the web address below where the application is located.

  • hxxps:// detail/see-whos-viewed-your-prof/ hnlhmdlchnjppcbiefhdiapholppfobi

NB: you will have to remove the spaces in the website address above in order to go the website.

The "See Whos Viewed Your Profile" Application

Chrome Store App See Whos Viewed Your Profile

If you install the application (I recommend you DO NOT), it will only take you to the following spam web sites and slow down your Google Chrome web browser:

This is how both websites look:

Websites and

Persons at Web of Trust have reported these websites as scam gift programs, promotions, offers, surveys, rewards, and coupons. Click here to view these persons' comments. Also, both websites were given a very poor trust rating or reputation score by Web of Trust (

How to remove this extension or application from your Chrome web browser

Click here for instructions on removing a Chrome Extension or application. Once on the extension page, look for the extensions "See Whos Viewed Your Profile" or "Facebook Profile Spy" and click the "Remove" button next to it.

If this suspicious application is posted on your Facebook Wall, Timeline, sent in an email message or displayed on other social networking websites, please delete or report it as spam.

Remember to leave your question or comment, and read the ones made by others below. And, please report malicious, phishing or scam email messages, social media posts and websites to us. You may click here to contact us, or forward the email messages to: .

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