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Halloween Hoax - Man Walks into Haunted House with Chainsaw, Murders 7 People

Halloween Hoax - Man Walks into Haunted House with Chainsaw, Murders 7 People

Rumor has it on social media that a Hispanic male Luis Ortega, 26, had killed 7 persons with a powered chainsaw in a haunted house in East Los Angeles. This story that was posted on Daily Buzz Live website ( is nothing but a Halloween hoax.

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A video was posted along with the story that got the internet a buzz. Viewers were tricked with the hope of seeing such crime but the video does not show any such lend it credence it also carried an eyewitness account, which stated:
"I've been to this haunted house before, actually last year. They had people throughout the haunted house with fake chainsaws. So when I saw it, I got scared, but never thought it was real until he attacked the first victim."

The Halloween Hoax

[VIDEO] Man Walks In To Haunted House With Chainsaw, Murders 7 People.
Warning: The video below may be disturbing to some viewers.

A Los Angeles, California man is in custody, and 7 people are dead after a tragic attack inside an East LA hunted house attraction over the weekend that was caught on surveillance video.

A Hispanic male, 26-year-old Luis Ortega, entered the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House of Horrors on Friday’s opening night wielding a chainsaw.

What is seen instead is an old clip of an incident which took place several years ago in England, of a patron known as Dean Dinnen, 24, who was smoking in the Endyke pub, and was kicked out because he refused to put the cigarette out and quit smoking. After being reprimanded the intoxicated man then chased patrons with a gas powered chainsaw and injured one woman before patrons restrained him in the street.

Here is the Old clip of the Incident in England

Dinnen was later sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to the assault.

The popular rumor was posted in an attempt to have persons watch "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and visit more haunted houses this Halloween.

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