How Guest Posting Can Be Used As A Natural Way Of Link Building

How Guest Posting Can Be Used As A Natural Way Of Link Building

Guest post is a signal or a vote that one party gives to another to recommend its service or content. It is just like when we praise someone in real life to tell others that we liked or appreciate their work.

You can hire a company for Guest Posting as it is not a new concept. It has been with us for centuries. Before the internet, we used the word of mouth (WOD) to spread information about a particular service.

Guest Posting Explained

Consider this scenario. You are passing through the countryside and your car's tire gets punctured. What will you do? How will you know that there is a puncture shop nearby? In the countryside, most shops are not even visible on Google maps. So, finding a puncture shop will be like finding a needle in the haystack.

Now, you see a man working on the nearby farm. You ask him about the nearby puncture shop. He tells you about a service station that is around half a kilometer away and you can walk to it to get help. This is called a simple word of mouth marketing. Do note that this service station is not actively marketing its product. But the farmer knew about it so it mentioned that to you.

Guest posts work in a similar way. These guest posts publishing websites are the farmers. The person reading their content is the guy whose car got punctured. And, that service station is you.

You didn’t do any active marketing, but guest posting is helping you build natural links for almost FREE and at the same time it is bringing you clients that are highly interested in your service.

Using Guest Posts for Natural Link Building

Now the BIGGEST question coming in your mind will be, how to make guest post links naturally? In short, it all comes down to how you can market your guest post. That is: What type of impact you are providing through that guest post. So, we decided to segment guest posts into different types. Let's go through them and see how they can help you build links in a natural way.

  • Create Hype

One way to create hype through your guest post is to write something surprising. Let's say Avenger's new movie is coming and you know who is going to die. You can predict that 'Iron man is going to die in the next Avenger's movie'. This guest post will be shared by multiple websites just because it is such breaking news that no one knows about it. So, this is one way to create hype. You can come up with your own strategy about how to create a stunning guest post that gets the most shares.

  • Publish Something Newsworthy

Next, you can create a guest post that is newsworthy. There are many ways you can create newsworthy items. For example, if your company decorated the room where Prince of London is going to stay, you can publish it as a case study on a high DA website as a case study. People will be interested in reading about how you decorated the room, what items you used to decorate the room, and how were you awarded such a huge project. It will not only increase your popularity but will also bring you more orders.

  • Stir a debate

You can also stir a debate through your guest post. This is one natural way to get links. Let's say your company has created a dating app. You want more people to download it and use it to find dates in their area. So, you can publish a study like "Blonds like dark men" - make sure that this study is backed by facts and data. Otherwise, this study will become a nightmare for your business and will also impact your credibility.

One such guest posting agency, which is great at stirring debate, is Globex Outreach. If you are not sure how to create an article that can stir debate, perhaps you can get help from them.

  • Arouse emotions

Another way to get natural links is by arousing emotions in people through your guest posts. If there is something that will make people emotional, they are more likely to share it. For example, you can write a post on 'how to get out of depression'. This is something that almost everyone experiences and people are more likely to read and share it. But remember, the post needs to provide practical advice, otherwise this technique won't help you generate more natural links.

  • Reveal a secret

One way to get more natural links is to reveal a secret in your post. Let's say your company has created a new method of improving employee efficiency. The best way to break it to the world is by publishing it as a guest post or a post on your own blog. In both ways, your company's site will get tons of links from people who will be looking to tell about your latest discovery. Although this way of getting natural links may not work with everyone, still it is a mention-worthy tactic.

Key Takeaway:

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get links directly to your blog. But to make others link back to you, you will need to publish quality content that is around any one of the topics mentioned above. Just to give you a heads up, here is a summary of the ways you can get links for your blog.

  • Publish content that is debatable so that others target your website. When they do, they will automatically link to your site. Although in some cases, debatable content can turn into bad publicity for your company.

  • Create hype about a new product coming to the market. Let’s say cyber truck by Tesla. If you had written anything regarding the truck, it would have ranked on top and brought you lots of backlinks.

  • Post something emotional. People love drama. It is like a catharsis process for them. And, most websites will automatically link to your blog. Check out the Gamecrate blog ‘Top 10 scariest sounds in video games.’

  • Have something new to tell people? Probably a secret not many people know about? Then your guest post is going to get the most links. Remember Satoshi Nakamoto? A few months ago another news broke about Satoshi Nakamoto. It said that the bitcoin founder lost almost half of the bitcoins he had. This is HUGE news for the investors and bitcoin traders. And it made rounds around the internet. If you have something similar that can make the world go round, then that is how you can easily get more natural links.


There are many ways to get natural links from guest posts. But since the market is so saturated, you will need to come up with creative ways to make something that actually gets the interest of people. If you are not able to do that, then the chances of getting natural links are low. So, keep trying and keep thinking of new ways you can use it.

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How Guest Posting Can Be Used As A Natural Way Of Link Building